Vicky Hubbard Rotorua

I was recommended to see Annette prior to starting intensive training for a sporting event.  I was needing to keep my nutrition and health in perfect balance to enable me to reach my peak performance without enduring any sickness.  This was achieved not once but 3 times without any health related issue arising and my well-being noticeable better than my fellow team mates along with my mental toughness.

I was so impressed with the outcome that 9 years on I am still a regular patient/client of Annette's and have a continuous excellent health record.  Having undergone surgery in this time my recovery was extremely quick with no negative side effects and my hormonal levels in perfect check.

My 4.5 year old daughter is also a regular at Annette's for general checkups and to ensure her immune system is at its highest possible level as she does as all children, mix and mingle and is exposed to all kinds of nasties.

Annette is always very approachable, a great listener and is open to working in conjunction with other health professionals.   I am a firm believer that prevention is better than cure and I credit Annette for us being able to live by this and enjoy our healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Vicky Hubbard Rotorua

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