Carla C.

I have known Annette Charles, Naturopath, of Rotorua for approximately 8 years and sought her advice following major health problems I had been experiencing since my mid teens.

Over a period of many years I suffered from recurring bladder infections and as a consequence of these infections I had 3 bouts bladder surgery during my teens and early 20's/ This health problem is a hereditary one" my grandmother also suffering similar infections. Although I did gain some relief from this condition in the early stages following surgery, none of the surgeries provided me with long term relief from the painfully crippling infections I was experiencing. I was informed by my specialist after the third surgery, when I presented with yet another bladder infection, that there was nothing further he could do for me and that I was one of those women who was prone to infection who, unfortunately, he had no further answers for if the surgeries did not alleviate the problem. He explained that the only option I had left was treatment of the recurring infections with low dose antibiotics on a semi permanent basis.

I continued to suffer from frequent and painful bladder infections, my health was deteriorating and my immune system was becoming weak due to frequent antibiotic use. I caught every cold and flu readily and I began to feel a desperation born out of frustration and fear that I would continue to suffer the same fate for the remainder of my life.

It was at this point that I visited Annette. After a long and very thorough consultation she provided me with practical advice and options regarding my overall health, nutrition, and vitamins and minerals that could aid my recovery to full health. I then chose to embark on a course of action to improve my health.

Annette turned my life around, to such an extent that I rarely experience bladder problems, and when I do get an indication that something is amiss I now know what to do to prevent a full blown bladder infection. My health has improved immensely and I am now healthier and fitter than I have ever been.

Carla C.

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