SCIO Energy Scan

SCIO is a state of the art computerised health scan which assists in recognising and correcting imbalances within the body.

It helps detect weaknesses and stressors such as viral, bacterial and fungal infections, nutritional deficiencies, emotional blockages, health risks and organ stress; just to name a few.

The functions of the SCIO are similar to those of a virus scan on a computer.

Weaknesses and Imbalances are detected, by calculating the biological reactivity and resonance of your body. This data offers an understanding of your possible needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities, focusing on your energetic body, thus offering a more complete view of each facet of your health.

SCIO ALSO has a range of therapies to enhance health and wellbeing.

These include:

- Electro Acupuncture

- Bio Feed Back

- Colour Therapy

- Chakra Balancing


- Rife Treatment

To name just a few..

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