Food For Life Nutritional Assessment

Are you confused about what foods you should be eating? With so much conflicting nutritional information out there: Food combining? Blood type diet? Zone eating? Food Pyramid? High fat/ DetoxDiet? Low fat? High Carb/ Low carb? Etc etc I thought it was the time to clear up some of this confusion.So I have developed the new Food For Life Nutritional assessment


The New Food For Life Nutritional Assessment Plan


  This is a naturopathic focused appointment taking into consideration your individual needs ,deficiencies, allergies, blood type, body type, digestion and health risk factors and much more Learning about what foods are right for you can give you the keys to more energy and a happier healthier future for you and your family.

In the appointment you will learn some interesting and very surprising facts on foods and you will be given your own personalised helpful information to take away.

This is a totally new and specialised approach to nutrition, utilising specialised screening tools not available elsewhere in Rotorua, 25 years clinical experience as a naturopath, extensive health training and a Health Science Degree.

The Food for Life assessment is spread over 2 appointments, one to two weeks apart.

The first appointment is 60 minutes long and includes a range of health screening tools and the gathering of vital information. 

Your first 'Food for Life' appointment includes a Free Vitality and Longevity Assessment (VLA) v

The follow-up appointment takes 60 minutes for your report of findings and personalised nutrition plan. 

As Hippocrates said -

'Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food'

I am still doing my traditional Naturopathic appointments which looks at a wide range of health parameters (toxicity, hormone levels, health risks, infection, immunity, etc etc) as well as my new food for life  nutrition plan

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