Naturopathic Consultation

A Naturopathic Consultation involves an in depth assessment of your wellbeing. Identifies issues relating to your current state of health and offers solutions and support, which may include the use of Natural Medicines, Body Therapies and Diet and Lifestyle Changes.

 Annette specialises in Functional Medicine, Genetic Testing for Health and Nutritional Medicine.

For more information on gene testing and functional medicine .

Is your current level of health holding you back from getting full enjoyment from your life?

We offer Naturopathic Medicine to support health and wellbeing for all Health Conditions and we are passionate about helping you achieve great health and reach your wellness goals. We are happy to work with, or alongside your Doctor and use health supplements which will not interfere with your Doctors Medication.

 Rotorua Health and Spa we use specialised State of the Art Health Screening Tools such as Hemaview, and SCIO Energy Scan ,and we prescribe top quality Practitioner only Herbal Medicines and Nutritional  Supplements.

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