Genetic Screening for Health and Wellbeing



Our Fitgenes health and wellbeing DNA Analysis and carb choice gene test gives a detailed picture of your body at a genetic level.

This gives you the ability to influence your health and longevity in ways not previously possible.

Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profile

Comprehensive Health and wellbeing genetic profile report. Analyses of a select range of genes that are key influencers of health, wellbeing and performance and chronic disease risk.

Cell Defence, inflammation, Vitamin D receptors ,Methylation, Homocysteine Metabolism, Cardiovascular Health, Fat and Cholesterol Metabolism. Reports on 58 key genes that in turn affect hundreds of other genes

Initial appointment 30 -60 mins.

Includes Saliva Buccal swab DNA test. TGA certified laboratory analysis in Australian Laboratory.

The comprehensive profile Report from The laboratory and Fitgenes

A report from Annette based on the information presented .

This will include priorities from the gene test addressed.

Nutritional ,exercise, lifestyle and Nutrigenomic recommendations that can change genetic expression favourably.

An hour appointment after the results have been assessed, to go over the key information is included .

Skype appointments are available.

$895 NZ

Carb Choice Amy 1

( The only commercially available test for AMY 1 available worldwide)

Genetic Profile Report based on AMY 1 gene variation which affects response to starch from carbohydrates therefore influencing health issues around starch and carbohydrate metabolism such as diabetes risk, obesity, metabolic syndrome ,gluten intolerance.

Includes Buccal swab DNA test, Australian TGA certified laboratory analysis. ,AMY 1 Gene variant report from Fitgenes Australia. A report from Annette bases on the information provided in the Analysis.

A 30 minute appointment before and after the test results are back and have been assessed, are included .

$395.00 NZ


Both tests at the same time $ 1190.00 NZ


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