Detoxification can be the single most effective action you can take to improve the long term health of your body. We are all aware of the increased burden of toxicity on our health. Air, water, food and environmental chemicals have all become sources of toxic exposure, along with internally generated waste products.


Toxic exposure is a cause and or driver of a vast range of health conditions and just about any disease process can be aggravated by exposure to toxins.


Why are we Toxic?

In the last 100 years, tens of thousands of new chemicals have been introduced into our environment, as well as many millions of tons of Heavy metals


A DetoxConsultation with Naturopath Annette Charles

This is the first step to assess levels and types of toxicity and formulate the most suitable Detox solution.


  •  A number of pre-Detox tests would be used including QXCI, Bio Impedence Testing, Hemaview, Urinary Indican Testing (to determine levels of bowel toxicity) and functional medicine tests if required e.g. Hair testing and bowel and liver tests.
  •   Detoxification would include the use of specialised supplements to aid in the bodys safe removal of toxins.
  •  Detox can be enhanced with the use of Infrared Saunas and Body Detox Wraps, where applicable.
  •  The process of detoxification would be monitored by regular BIA testing.


Detoxification can be the single most effective action you can take to improve the long term health of your body.

 Rotorua Health and Spa specializes in Bowel and liver detoxification, heavy metal, chemical and pesticides detox as well as Xero-Ostrogen detoxification. Detoxification programmes are carefully monitored to ensure optimum results.


Toxic Chemicals found in blood of all New Zealanders tested:

Toxic chemicals such as Dioxins and pesticides, including dieldrin, were found in the blood of everyone tested in a Ministry for Environment study released in 2001. The results show older people carry levels many times higher than younger groups. The 3376-person samples was the first in the world believed to be representative of a whole countrys population. Levels of cancer causing dioxins were higher in the north of the North Island, including Waikato and the Bay of Plenty, than the rest of NZ. (NZMOH Wellington 2001).The NZ Child consumes 15 times more Organophosphate pesticides and 5 times more fungicides than their American counterparts. (Alison White, NZ Total Diet Survey 1997/1998. US Total Diet Survey 1986/1991).




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