Genetic Screening Test for Health and Wellbeing


It is true you can't change your genes, but you can definitely affect their expression and influence in your body with the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices.
There isn't a one fits all panacea for health as we are all uniquely different.

So How Do We Know What's Right For Us?

Personalised Genotype Profiling offers a profound insight into how your body responds to its environment and the information is so powerful it allows you to understand your body and influence your health and wellbeing in a way previously not possible .
Understanding your genetic predispositions takes the guess work out of achieving health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.
This approach is based on the science of nutrigenomics which looks at the interaction between your genotype ,nutrition and lifestyle choices and how these influence gene expression.

Why I use Fitgenes Genetic Screening Profiles.

Fitgenes target genetic markers that can be modified by the lifestyle choices we make.
Although science can map a person's entire genome it's not helpful if you can't identify the variants within those genes and also know what you can do to modify the genetic response.
Fitgenes focus is on the philosophy that your overall health ,wellbeing and performance are primarily determined by the basic building blocks of your body and the messages that your genes send and the messages that are sent to the genes from our lifestyle choices.
For example every time we eat ,our food is having a conversation with our genes and therefore influencing genetic expression.


This genetic screening profile tests a select range of genes that have a key influence on Health and Wellbeing .Genes tested, play key roles in the cause of all chronic disease.
The best news about this Genetic profile is once you know what is really going on at your DNA/Genetic level you can make the right choices for your body to obtain great health and longevity.
You have a road map for yourself for life. You will know what kinds of foods would be better for you and you won't waste money on the wrong kinds food and lots of supplements that you don't need and could even be doing you harm. Best of all you can focus on what is going to make the biggest difference to your health and longevity.

You can focus on the best foods for you and use specialised supplementation which directly targets what you need. You will know what exercise is best for you and even what time of the day is the best for you to exercise .

Imagine how you could feel ,if you knew at this level what your body needed to be the best it can be.
You only do this genetic screening profile once as your genes don't change but you have the power to influence whether they work with you or seemingly against you.
You will get a detailed DNA Analysis which is clear and concise. I will go through the report with you and work out a health plan based on your unique genetic blueprint.

The following key areas are covered in your profile

Cellular Defence- How your body protects cells and DNA from damage caused by oxidative stress.
Oxidative stress leads to ageing and premature ageing and underlies all disease processes including cardiovascular disease ,dementia ,diabetes and cancer development.
Detoxification- How well is your liver and cells detoxifying.?
The health of our bodies is also dependent on how well we are able to clear waste products and toxins from our cells. Toxins include those we are exposed to environmentally such as pesticides and other pollutants but the cells also create waste products which need to be cleared to ensure the health of the cell. Toxins have been linked to many of the chronic illness we see today
Inflammation- your body's natural defence mechanism . How well does your body control inflammation?
Health and wellbeing is critically dependent on this inflammatory response being well regulated and operating correctly. A body that can't control inflammation can be at risk for all the chronic diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and arthritis and more.
Vitamin D Receptors- Are you able to absorb this key vitamin?
This has a key influence on immunity, nervous system, bone health, skin and influences approx 900 other genes.
Methylation and Homocysteine Metabolism- Are your cells efficient with this key cellular reaction in our cells which impacts so much in our health and disease risk?
This crucial biochemical pathway has a huge impact on Dementia risk ,mood disorders, cardiovascular disease ,hormone imbalances ,infertility and toxicity.
Cardiovascular Health - Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death globally.
What is your actual and real cardiovascular risk ? Too many people are told the wrong information on their risks based on limited parameters.
Knowing how your genes respond to blood pressure, your vasular health,homocystein,methylation along with inflammation and other markers , you will have a true indication on your cardiovascular health and be able to make the best decisions in this crucial area of health.
Fat Metabolism and Cholesterol
You have genes that influence appetite control, satiety , cholesterol regulation, energy production and metabolism. Knowing how your genes respond will help you make the best decisions around food and exercise for successful weight management and overall health.


Fitgenes has developed a genetic screening profile called Carb Choice, based on your AMY 1 Gene

This gene influences your body's ability to process starch carbohydrates. It gives crucial information when dealing with health issues such as Weight management ,Diabetes risk, Gluten intolerance , Dental decay and energy.

AMY 1 is a gene that produces the enzyme amylase which is found in our saliva.. This enzyme plays a major role in digesting starch. It also influences amylase from the pancreas which is involved in carbohydrate digestion.
The Carb Choice genetic profile tells you how your body responds to starch from carbohydrate.
This information will allow you to accurately make the best dietary choices for you.

  • How much Carbohydrate can you eat per day?
  • Which carbohydrates should you avoid and which are Ok?
  • Do carbohydrates increase your risk of developing diabetes ?

Knowing your AMY 1 copy number is for you if you

  • Are overweight or concerned about putting on weight.
  • Diabetic or insulin resistant
  • Are confused about food and diets
  • Are unable to lose weight
  • Are gluten intolerant or suspect you are.
  • If you are serious about your health and nutrition .


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